Getting Started and Need The Best Complete Marijuana Grow Kit?

Well you are in luck! We scoured the internet for the best complete marijuana grow kit for beginners and compared the components of each. A complete grow kit is a great option if you are just getting started growing marijuana indoors.

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The kits will come with pretty much every tool you will need to start growing cannabis indoors. The only other items you will need are marijuana seeds, marijuana nutrients and soil. You might also want a bud trimmer. You can read our Tom’s Tumble Trimmer review which is #1 on our top 10 bud trimmer machines list.

Other items like cloning gel and humidity domes will also help if you start cloning marijuana in the future. But for now this complete marijuana grow kit will get you on your way.

Should I Buy a Grow Kit Package or Buy Individual Components?

This is probably the most frequently asked question we get on a daily basis so it is worth talking about. The best part about buying a complete marijuana grow kit is that you get a pretty sizable discount because you are essentially getting a bulk deal.

The retailer is able to combine the items into one package and only has to consider his profit margin on the total package rather than each individual item. So less marketing cost for them – greater savings in theory.

There are some complete marijuana grow kits out there where there is no discount but we avoided those. In fact below we list out and review each component you will receive with our pick for the best complete marijuana grow kit so you can price out the savings!

What to look for when buying a weed grow kit?

While price might be the ultimate factor when purchasing your complete marijuana grow kit it is important to consider the following:

Components – Make sure that the components of the grow kit are top notch. Research individual parts and watch for retailers slipping in cost saving parts that really aren’t going to last. The easiest way to see if the overall components are going to be good is the choice of LED grow lights. These are costly and the difference in quality is very easy to see.

Quality of Light – Expanding on the component quality point it is essential that the LED grow light be super high quality. The quality can be measured in the wattage, color of light, energy efficiency and durability. There is no point in buying a complete marijuana grow kit package if the LED grow light is garbage.

Space Requirements – You also have to consider what size you have available to set up the grow tent. Check to make sure the grow tent size will be able to fit.

Ventilation – Assuming that you are growing marijuana indoors you will need proper ventilation. This will help control the temperature, humidity and smell. The grow kit should include a few basic fans and an inline duct fan of at least 7”.

Tent Quality – Lastly you will want to check the quality of the grow tent itself. Make sure the tent is made of durable materials like canvas and metal. Avoid cheap tent components like plastic. Also, it would be optimal if the grow tent has a window cutout to view inside without having to open the whole thing up.

So what is in the Best Complete Marijuana Grow Kit For Sale?

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It wasn’t very hard to choose to be honest. The components of this grow kit system truly blow away the competition! We considered all of the aforementioned points and the Gorilla Grow Tent LITE (4′ x 4′) LED Combo Package is the clear winner.

Let’s take a closer look at the components of the Gorilla Grow Tent LITE (4’ x 4’) LED Combo Package. Be sure to check the prices of the individual components to see how much you are saving with this package vs. buying them all separately!

LITE LINE Gorilla Grow Tent 4′ x 4′

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Pros: Lightweight and super durable. This unit comes with a lot of premium features without the premium price tag. Durable canvas construction, steel support beams and a lack of plastic make the perfect grow tent to start the complete grow kit package off.

Cons: Machine stitching may have some irregularities but nothing too major.

Kind LED XL750

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Pros: Wow! Where do we even start. This is a professional grade Full Spectrum LED grow light with an unbelievable quality light. This LED grow light has full spectrum control to match the light waves to any stage of growth and even any different type of plant. KIND uses a mix of 3 and 5 watt diodes to boost the efficiency and overall strength of light.

Cons: Umm… cant think of any! This really is one of the best LED grow lights that really set this complete marijuana grow kit apart from the competition. *Note this grow kit does not come with the other accessories pictured above.

Active Air 8″ Inline Duct Fan, 720 CFM

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Pros: An industry standard inline duct fan that is extremely durable and pretty quiet for the size.

Cons: The 8 foot wire might need to be strapped down in this tent size.

Active Air 6″ Clip On Fan x 2

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Pros: Easy to install and energy efficient.

Cons: Clip on fans can be flimsy in general but this one is made of quality materials.

Active Air Hygro-Thermometer

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Pros: Accurately measures both the temperature and humidity of the tent. These are crucial when growing marijuana indoors and especially with clones.

Cons: Make sure you put this in a spot where you can see it through the window. It will be a pain to have to open the door to check temps all the time!

Hydrofarm Dual-Outlet Analog Grounded Timer

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Pros: Automated light control so you don’t have to worry about turning them on or off. This is key as you need to control how long light is on during “the day” at various stages of growth.

Cons: Wireless control would be cool but not totally necessary as you wont need to change the time intervals very often.

Hydrofarm 1/8 Rope Ratchet – 2 per pack

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Pros: Useful for hanging things inside the tent. The pulley system locks in place so you can adjust the distance of things from your plant as it grows. Holds up to 75 pounds which should be more than enough for this grow tent.

Cons: Carabiner clips are a little sticky but good for when they are set.

Active Air Premium Ducting, 8″ x 25′

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Pros: Solid ducting system for this price point and size. They will be able to handle the air pressure that this unit creates.

Cons: Aluminum foils is not truly professional setup but still more than servicable.

Active Air Carbon Filter, 8″ x 24″, 750 CFM

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Pros: Top of the line carbon filter. You won’t see this type of quality in many other grow kits!

Cons: None!

Bottomline on our choice for the Best Complete Marijuana Grow Kit:

As you can see by the quality of the components above you are getting, in our opinion, the best complete marijuana grow kit for sale on the market today! With the complete grow kit you will be well on your way to growing your first batch in a truly professional setup.