Best Cloning Gels for Cannabis

Cloning is an essential way cannabis growers can maximize their harvest from a single plant. Clones grow much more rapidly and are easier to maintain than seedlings. That being said there are still a few things worth mentioning that will help the cloning process before we choose the best cloning gels for cannabis.

Cloning Marijuana Basics

The basic principle of cloning is to cut a stem off of a mother plant and then replant it. This new plant will have an exact genetic match to the mother plant. The clone will then take root and begin to grow at a later stage so you will not have to wait as long for a fully mature plant compared to seedlings.

The benefits of cloning marijuana are a reduction in cost as you will not need to buy more seeds and a reduction in time.

Why Use a Cloning Gel for Weed?

Cloning gels protect the cut stem like a bandage and the ingredients in the cloning gel like nutrients and growth hormones help the clone take root. If you go without cloning gel you will likely have a weaker root system as the plant is more susceptible to disease, air bubbles and other illness.

Cloning gels also help speed up the root growth process with the added nutrients and growth hormones. So the small cost of the average gel can save you a ton of time and money in the long run as it can save a fledgling plant from the brinks and also speed up the rooting process.

Why Do People Say Cloning Gels are Bad for Clones?

The best cloning gels for cannabis discussion might be the most controversial topic among cloners. Some say they are worthless. Often these detractors will claim that the gel ruined their clone when in reality there are hundreds of factors that might have affected the plant. Most gel manufacturers reviews online are mixed so we sorted through them and tested the leading competitors to find the best cloning gels for cannabis.

Best Cloning Gels for Cannabis

HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel

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HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel is one of the top selling rooting gels in the marijuana cloning industry. Many claim that their nutrient formula is the best and most complete of the competitors. We found the gel easy to apply and when combined with the right clone and conditions it performed as advertised.

Quick Clone Gel

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If you are looking for an organic option than the Quick Clone gel is your best bet. While it is a little pricier than the others listed it is all natural. The nutrients and essential amino acids are derived from natural means similar to green tea.

This all natural approach results in a greater root system and a healthier plant over the long term. The gel is also free of artificial dye as many cloning gel experts suggest this can negatively affect the ability of the root system to take in nutrients. Artificial dyes tend to contain minerals that adhere to the root cells and block receptors.

Grodan 1.5″ inch Rockwool / Stonewool Cubes (Mini Blocks) ► PLUS ◄ ROOTECH Cloning Gel

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This kit is perfect for beginners. It comes with pretty much everything you would need including Rockwool/ Stonewool cubes. The kit is rounded out with Rootech cloning gel which another one of our favorites. Rootech is highly concentrated so it can be diluted to maximize your supply or use it as is for a more powerful solution if your clones tend to have trouble getting rooted.

So which is the best cloning gel for cannabis?

Clonex is our pick and the most recommended gel from cloning machine makers. Cloning machine makers want to ensure that your clones do well and the fact that so many recommend Clonex really does say a lot about the quality of the product.

Clonex also has the biggest user base to answer any questions that may come up that specifically relate to cloning gels.

If you are looking for an all natural alternative we recommend the Quick Clone Gel. While its formula may not be as potent as the chemical alternatives it will still improve the health of your clone’s root system.

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