Best Humidity Dome For Clones: Cannabis Humidity Regulating Guide

When it comes to cloning marijuana there is very little more important than picking the best humidity domes for clones and other cannabis humidity regulating tools. Cannabis humidity levels are critical for sustained growth and a healthy harvest. Cannabis plants love higher humidity levels when they are younger and lower levels when they are mature so it is important to monitor the levels and have some way to regulate the overall humidity. That is where humidity domes and other important cannabis humidity regulating tools come into play.

Why is cannabis humidity control important?

Poor humidity control can result in white powdery mildew, bud rot and slowed growth. These problems can be avoided with the best humidity domes for clones and proper care.

White powdery mildew is a perfect example of a problem that arises from not regulating humidity. Just having a humidity dome and cranking up the levels can actually harm the plant and lead to the white powdery mildew.

It is important to keep the humidity level around 80% when the clone is young but also to have proper air flow which many cheap humidity domes lack.

Most growers will measure the relative humidity and try to control the levels with their humidity domes, heating pads or a combination of the two. Humidity is the measure of the amount of water vapor held in the air. So put simply, places like a desert have very little humidity and swampy areas like Florida have very high humidity.

Cannabis Humidity Control for Clones

Clones specifically need to have high humidity as they take in water primarily through their leaves before the roots grow in. Having a high humidity rate will ensure that the clone can absorb enough water through the leaves and allow for solid root growth.

When your clones reach the flowering stage you can lower the humidity levels to around 35%. Most growers tend to agree that this will increase the resin levels and lead to a more plentiful harvest.

Too high of humidity during the flowering stage can result in bud rot. The trouble with bud rot is that it can be growing from the inside and be hard to detect. If you find any signs of bud rot quickly remove the trouble area and throw it away. Bud rot could lead to the complete loss of the plant!

So now that we know why cannabis humidity control is important let’s look at some of the tools to help control humidity including the best humidity domes for clones.

Best Humidity Dome For Clones

EarlyGrow 70738 Medium Domed Propagator

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EarlyGrow is our top choice for humidity domes for many reasons but most importantly it hold a super tight seal and the built in ventilation options make for easy airflow control. Our EarlyGrow review found that they are also extremely durable and able to withstand the pressures of the outdoors if you choose not to grow indoors. The tight seal also prevents harmful critters from entering the humidity dome.

How To Measure Cannabis Humidity for Clones

To measure your humidity levels we recommend using a Hygrometer that detects both temperature and relative humidity. Many indoor cannabis growers have to manage high heat levels as the heat thrown off from grow lights can raise temperatures a great deal in small places. Temperature has a huge impact on cannabis humidity so getting the proper Hygrometer is key.

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If the humidity is too high you will want to avoid the problems we listed above and lower the humidity as quickly as possible. While it may be enough to just increase the airflow we recommend also getting a dehumidifier like the one below to reach optimum cannabis humidity levels.

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If your glow lights are producing too much heat a portable AC unit will help lower the temperature and also lower the cannabis humidity levels. Some portable AC units are loud and suck energy like no one’s business. Look for an energy efficient unit like the one below.

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Things to remember when picking the best humidity domes for clones and controlling cannabis humidity in general:

Temperature Control
Seal quality on humidity dome
Stage of growth

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