BLOOMSPECT 300W LED Grow Light Review

The BLOOMSPECT 300W LED Grow Light is one of our favorite budget LED grow lights on the market.

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Both the Bloomspect 300W and 600W LED grow lights provide a great amount of PAR and with its built in reflectors it cast a wide glow. Compared to other units in this price range you will see high PAR ratings throughout a grow tent as opposed to a more concentrated glow area.

This means that you can grow multiple plants using this one LED light and not have to worry about rotating the plants to get the same exposure levels at various different stages of the grow cycle. At 24 inches this had about 800 PAR which for this price range is superb. Others we tested were almost half that and dissipated quickly outside the center few inches.

Even though this baby can provide a ton of light and heat it still keeps cool with a built in cooling fan and heatsink. This will keep the Bloomspect 300W unit from overheating and potentially causing damage to the plants and tent. For those concerned about the old electric bill you need not worry as this has an average draw of 132W.

Bloomspect is a well respected company in the budget LED grow light category and they back up the product with a 30 Day money back guarantee along with a 3 year warranty. You won’t find many other sub $100 LED grow lights with anything close to that warranty.


Size – 11.8 x 8.3 x 2.4 inches

Weight – 5 pounds

Wattage – 300W also available in 600W here



Quality light with a high PAR rating throughout the grow area.


Still would need multiple lights for a larger grow tent.

Verdict: The Bloomspect 300W LED Grow Light is one of our favorite budget LED grow lights on the market. Not only does it look like a much more expensive unit it also performs like one.

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