Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer Review

The Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer is the “smallest, fastest, most compact tumbler style in the world”. This means you will be free to spend more time focusing on other tasks. It can trim 6-8 pounds per hour dry or 30-40 pounds wet all without sacrificing on quality.

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Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer Specs

  • Height: 35 IN
  • Width: 10 IN
  • Length: 25 IN
  • Weight  165 LBS
  • AC Voltage: 120 V
  • Application: Wet or Dry
  • LBS/HR: 30-40 Wet / 6-8 Dry
  • Warranty: 5 years on defective parts

Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer Overview

High Quality Blades: The Centurion Pro Mini does the work of 15+ people with an impressive 25,000+ cuts per minute. The 11-blade Toro cutting reel produces clean hand quality cuts and more than doubles the blades of the competition. Also, unlike its competitors, it uses magnetic blade holding technology that you can easily clean in 5 minutes when you are trimming. That way you will always know your blade are clean, sharp, and will produce clean cuts.

High Capacity Tumbler: The tumbler is made of stainless steel and quantanium coated non stick technology. This means the tumbler won’t get sticky resin build and you will get 40% greater trichome preservation. It out trims the competition with up to 8 pounds per hour dry and up to 40 pounds wet.

Compact Design: Don’t be fooled by its size or name, the Centurion Pro Mini a powerful machine that was designed to be compact and portable. The whole machine can fit in the trunk of a Honda. It is made with lightweight anodized aluminum and stainless steel, which also means it is super durable and you won’t have any corrosion issues.

Easy To Clean: The Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer is super easy to clean. The entire unit can be cleaned in about 15 minutes. All you have to do is remove 4 screws from the top cover, pressure wash the whole machine, then replace the top cover.

Pros of Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer

  • Replaces 15+ workers without sacrificing on quality.
  • It’s easy to clean, even during production, so you can get right back to trimming.
  • You can add on the automatic feeder (sold separately) to make the entire process hands free!

Cons of Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer

  • The warranty is only for defective parts. It does not cover operator error or abuse. However, it is very easy to clean and made of industrial grade materials. If you follow all the recommended maintenance instructions you shouldn’t have any issues.

Conclusion for Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer

The Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer is a compact, industrial grade bud trimmer that will drastically increase production capacity. Like the Twister T4 Trimmer, the Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer comes with the option of a wet or dry tumbler. You have to purchase the other tumbler separately though. If you want to see of the Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer compares to its competition, check out our Best Bud Trimming Machines

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