Mean Green Trimming Machine Hand Crank Dry Trimmer Review

If ever a product’s name described a product worse I am not sure if I have found one worse than the Mean Green Trimming Machine 12″ Hand Crank Dry Trimmer. And that’s what makes it great!

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The Mean Green might have you thinking of some sort of terrorizing robot chopping aimlessly around. Nope this bud trimmer is super accurate and delicate. With a simple turn of the wheel you will notice the excess leaves falling off with little to no bud being wasted.

In the 5 minutes it took to trim the bud we noticed just how accurate and gentle the tumble process was. While not as top of the line as Tom’s Tumble Trimmer, we still feel like this is one of the best dry bud trimmers on the market. Be sure to watch the inventory level on any site you may purchase this from as they tend not to be in stock.

Mean Green Trimming Machine Specs:

Size – Comes in either 12 “ or 16 “. Either will probably be able to handle any home grower.

Weight – Lightweight. You can easily turn this over to reach into the tumbler.


Gentle tumbler action. You wont be losing much if any product. Easy clean up as it is a dry bud trimmer and has an easy to reach collection area.


Stock levels tend to be low. Not quite as good as other top dry bud trimmers but certainly worth the price.

Verdict: The Mean Green Trimming Machine is one of the best dry bud trimmers on the market. If you are looking for a close and accurate trim this is a good bet.

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