6 in 1 Water testing Meter – ph ppm temp tds ec cf


Great for Hydroponics Gardeners or Aquarium Enthusiasts, Non-technical and Technical Personnel alike!!

The Six-in-one Meter can be utilized to constantly monitor the Temperature, PH, TDS in quite a lot of applications including nutrient solution for hydroponics, living environment of aquariums, swimming pool, Spa, laboratory and so on.
This easy-to-use and affordable combo tester makes it imaginable to measure pH, ℃, CF, EC,℉, and TDS on the spot, appropriately and inexpensively during a lot of industries.
With this sensitive, efficient, accurate and portable meter, there will be no more trouble switching meters to measure the pH, _C or _F and then the EC, CF or TDS of a solution!!


  • Brand New in Box In a position to Be Operated Upon Arrival
  • Six-in-one Meter: EC, CF, ℃, ℉, TDS, pH
  • Easy Calibration of pH and TDS with just a Mini-screwdriver
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (without this, pH reading will differ as the temperature varies)
  • Large, Triple Level Display
  • Caps on Both Sides for Storage and Protection of Electrodes
  • Suction Cups to Attach the Electrodes onto the Inwall of the Vessel, Tank or Reservoir and the like.
  • CE Certificated to Offer Safer and Precise Measurement
  • Silicone Skin Case Could Give protection to the Meter from scratches


    Display 4 digits, LCD Range PH: 0.00~14.00PH TDS: 10~19990ppm ℃ : -50 ~ 70℃ ℉: -58 ~ 158℉ EC: 0.00 ~ 19.99EC CF: 0.0 ~ 199CF Resolution PH: 0.01PH TDS: 10 ppm ℃ :0.1℃ ℉: 0.2℉ EC: 0.01EC CF: 0


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