Flora Hydroponics Custom Grow Room Design 8 x 10

Complete grow room for serious growers
Only the best components used
Increase production, yeild and efficiency with this set up


We’ve brought all of our best products together to create the very best quality grow rooms to be had available on the market. Optimized for specific spacing, these grow rooms still allow flexibility for personal customization. Create the optimal growing environment for your best and biggest yields yet!

These custom grow and bloom rooms come complete with our best lighting, ventilation, hydroponic systems, and digital environmental controllers.

Lighting: Save money and space by the use of a Solistek digital splitter with one 1000/600/400W Solistek digital ballast to run two 600W 6K pulse start MH bulbs. Also includes two Hydrofarm Daystar 6AC refelctors for superior even light distribution. Two KIND L450 12 band, full spectrum LEDs for propagation, and one 4′ 8 bulb T5 for cloning and a mother plant.

Systems: One 3’x6′ Botanicare white flood tray with matching 70 gallon reservoir kit. One 2’x8′ Botanicare Low Tide propagation tray with 40 gallon matching reservoir kit (250/160 gph submersible pumps, fittings, tubing, air stones, and tray stands included). One Botanicare 77 site cloner and one General Hydroponics Waterfarm for a mother plant.

Environmental Keep watch over: Hydrofarm’s Autopilot Master Digital Timer (MDT) controls lighting and recycling functions in your grow area. The MDT has dual timer functions, a 24 hour time clock for lighting and a recycling timer for pumps or CO2 injection. The MDT has four outlets. One controls a pump or other recycling device; two are for daytime devices such as lights and light movers; and one is for an evening device, which would turn on at night. Use one small BWGS slightly operation Wind Tunnel 4″ 200cfm inline fan and filter combo to keep the room odor free. Also included, one 16″ DuraBreeze orbital fan for air circulation.

NOTE: This product will have to be shipped via freight. It is too large for UPS or FedEx. You probably have any questions please feel free to call us at 1-800-470-6881.
Complete grow room for serious growers
Only the most productive components used
Increase production, yeild and efficiency with this set up
Contact us to customize or change components
Another great item from Flora Hydroponics!


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