Fluorogrow 200W Induction Grow Light

New grow light technology
Another great item from Flora Hydroponics


This 200w Induction Grow Light is American Made. A more efficient, more energy-saving, upper cost performance and longer life span than a LED grow light. With 100,000 hour lamp life, the lighting fixtures lasts longer than LED, conventional fluorescent, and HID fixtures. This fixture will replace a 400w HPS / HID light.

*200W Induction Grow Light

* All Aluminum Housing

* 95% Enhanced Reflector

* Built-In LVD Ballast

* UL Listed Ballast with a 5 yr Warranty

*Riveted Construction

* Light Weight

* Would possibly not Rust

* Superb Warmth Dissipation

* Appropriate for Damp Locations

* No Assembly Required

* 5000K Induction Lamp Included

* Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

*550 Nanometers

*one hundred,000 Hour Rated Lamp Life

*10 yr Warranty

*80 Lumens per Watt

* 6 Foot Cord with 120V Plug Included

* Aircraft Cables Included for Mounting

* Fixture Dimensions: 24″ L x 24″ W x 11″ H

*Ships in Discreet Box*

*Might take as much as two weeks to ship
New grow light technology
Any other great item from Flora Hydroponics


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