Happy Hydro 2 Mil Reflective Mylar


Boost the efficiency of your grow light system

Plants convert light to food in an effort to grow big and strong, but natural lighting can also be difficult to duplicate indoors. Happy Hydro’s 2 Mil Mylar Reflective Film makes use of existing lighting in your grow tent or grow room, redirecting it back into the growing space and boosting efficiency. By making optimal use of every to be had lumen, you’ll increase your harvest without overextending your budget on an abundance of grow lights.

Durable and cost effective

Our 2 mil Mylar Grow Room Film is made of resilient polyester to endure temperature extremes and UV exposure. It comes in a 48″ x 300″ roll that permits you to easily measure, cut, and use it on the exact dimensions of your windows. Once in place, its mirror-like finish reflects 98% of existing light back into the room. In consequence, you’ll reduce the number of lights that would in a different way drive up your energy use and increase temperatures in your grow room. This more efficient use of light and energy leads to healthier, more productive plants at a lower cost.

Make a choice the brightest solution to improved grow room lighting. Add Happy Hydro Mylar Film to your cart today.


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