Innotech Systems Pro 1000 DE/SE Digital Ballast

One of the highest Par Output
Patent Pending Design
Lightest and Most Compact Ballast – 3.11 lbs.


The Innotech systems Pro 1000 DE/SE Ballast is a qualified high output fixture that powers both double or single ended HPS & Metal Halide lamps. Innotech Systems DE HPS lamps have proven to have One of the vital very best PAR output, . Multi-Wattage, Multi-Voltage, 8.88A @ 120v – 4.36A @ 240v – Generator In a position Wattages: 1100W, 1000W. 60W, 400W. Designed around customer needs, pair with our patent pending design fixture is without doubt one of the lightest and Such a lot compact light fixture in the marketplace simplest 8.65 lbs with high output and consistent uniform spread. Innotech Systems has been proved by professional growers that building up yield. Features. Plug and Play, Multi Stage Dimming with inno Spice up adjust output 1100W, 1000W, 600W, 400W. Both MH and HPS lamps, Ultra Low THD <6%. Dual Fans cooling, Soft Start, Moisture and dust protection, Smart Balance ignition, high efficiency electric digital Ballast > 96% efficacy, includes high output 2,100 µmo Innotech systems DE-HPS1000W Lamp. Manufacturer Innotech Systems.

One of the vital very best Par Output
Patent Pending Design
Lightest and Such a lot Compact Ballast – 3.11 lbs.
Multi-Wattage: 1100W, 1000W, 600W, 400W
Multi-Voltage 8.88 A @ 120v – 4.36 A @ 240v THD < 6% [amz_corss_sell asin="B06Y1L61PK"]


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