LED Grow Lights | GROWant OSRAM Full Spectrum with UV & IR for Indoor Plants Veg and Flowering



Welcome to GROWant G5-HiPAR Series G400 LED Grow Light, features of OSRAM Horticulture LEDs, Enhanced Full Spectrum with IR and UV,
HIGHEST PAR/PPFD PER Watt, Aluminum Housing, Overheat Protection System, Silent Fan, Thinest & Lightest 2017 Handsome Style, is No.5 Generation LED Plant Grow Light.

G5-HiPAR Series R&D Team fulfills GROWant constant style, Performance First!

1. Technical Specifications

1) Physical Parameter
* Item Dimension: 9.7×10.9×0.8 inches
* Item Weight: 4.4 lbs

2) Electrical Parameter
* Input Power: 86-265Vac 50/60Hz
* LED Power: 400Watt
* LED Brand : OSRAM Horticulture LEDs
* Power Draw: 135Watt ± 5Watt
* Lifespan : 100,000 hours

2. Growing Performance
* Applications: Hydroponics, Home Garden, Indoor Greenhouse
* Target Population: Indoor Grower, Greenhouse Farmer, Agricultural Cultivator
* Coverage at 24″ height: Max Coverage 4x4ft, Core Grow 3x3ft of Grow Tent
* Grow Stages: Vegetative, Flowering and Seedling
* Replacing:
– 400W MH/HPS/HID Plant Grow Lamp, saves 70% Power.
– other Brand 600W LED Plant Light (real power draw 276w) saves 50% Power.

3. Package Includes

* Hanging Kits x1
* US Power Cord 6′ x1
* Remote Power Driving force x1 + 9′ Power Cord
* Manual Book x1
* Service Card x1

4. Attention Please

* This Model is not Smart Type, Will also be controlled by Extra Timer only.
* Read the manual before the use of.
* Don’t stare at LEDs instantly when the sunshine is operational.
* IP50, indoor use only, no longer waterproof.
* Use products in good ventilation condition.
* Don’t place too close the leaves in case of sun burning.
* Reverse the Plug Pins if LEDs don’t seem to be switched off completely.


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