Supercloset 5×5 Buddha Box 400w Hydroponic Grow Tent System

-Cleanest, most advanced vertical growing system on the market
-Dual 400WATT HPS Air-Cooled Lights for 48-plants
-SuperPonics HydroSystem combines Ebb and Flow with DWC


84″60″x60″ Dual 400W HPS Lighting VerticalPonics System. Steel Frame with Custom Trays set up for 48-Plants. 2x the yield and 1/2 the electricity cost of traditional horizontal systems! The 5×5 Buddha Box comes with 6″ Inline Fans; one who exhausts all waste-air through a 6″ Industrial Strength Carbon Filter and the opposite pulls air around the HPS lamps to chill them. 40 Gallon reservoir fills and drains all three tiers of trays providing the optimum environment for plant roots to propagate. Vertical SCROG net trellis allows for right kind plant management for effective vertical Sea Of Green. Add CO2 for the utlimate grow room!!
-Cleanest, such a lot advanced vertical growing system in the marketplace
-Dual 400WATT HPS Air-Cooled Lighting for 48-plants
-SuperPonics HydroSystem combines Ebb and Float with DWC
-6″ Inline Fan, 6″ Carbon Filter, Nutrients, TDS meter, Rockwool cubes, Hydroton rocks included
-Grow DVD and LifeTime Tech Give a boost to provided; 3-Year Warranty


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