SuperCloset LED Trinity 3.0 Grow Box

Complete Automated Grow Box System
Award winning design and construction.
Save Time and energy with the latest and greatest in hydroponic technology


FREE SHIPPING!Trinity 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet-grow boxes in point of fact takes the guesswork out of growing.


  • Three Chamber, Dual Cabinet System
      • The Cloning Chamber
    • Holds your 50-Web site SuperCloner, which enables effective germination, cloning, and early vegetative growth.
    • Chamber houses two 24w T-5 fluorescent bulbs, which at 6500k are ideal for your new plants.
    • Removable shelf enables easy height manipulation to suit yours and your plants’ needs.
  • Two Vegetative/Flowering Chambers
    • Each chamber holds as much as 16 plants and is ideal for personal use or the small commercial grower!
    • Fully automated SuperPonics system that grows your plants as much as 5x faster, bigger, and easier than traditional methods by combining Top Feed, Deep Water Culture, Bubble and Aeroponics..
    • Features dual 12 bandwidth full spectrum 3 watt Kind LED K3 – L450 grow lights on adjustable yo-yo’s for full light regulate and maximum penetration
    • Features T-5 Supplemental Side Lighting – the easiest cool spectrum supplement for your overhead LED light. Compliment your spectrum, increase your under canopy production, and fill out your fruits and flowers.
    • Activated carbon scrubber for complete air filtration
    • Adjustable internal circulation fan for “4 Corner” air distribution
    • Anti-mold reflective, removable, and adjustable panels provide optimal light distribution and cleanliness.
    • Fully automated controls, with hygrometer, on back of unit, not front, to retain clean cabinet appearance.
    • “No corner plants left by myself” – only our cabinets are designed with real cross airflow, properly air-cooled lights, and Internal Circulation Fan.
    • Cutting edge watering system provides no clogged drippers, constant cleaning, or random dead plants.

Complete Automated Grow Box System
Award winning design and construction.
Save Time and energy with the contemporary and greatest in hydroponic technology
Enjoy the convenience of prime quality parts and environmental products, for unmatched regulate over your gardens environment!


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