TaoTronics 240W LED Grow Light Review

The Taotronics 240W LED Grow Light is one of the best selling and most budget friendly LED grow light on the market today. Used by millions of growers this LED grow light packs a great deal of features into a small package. While not the best LED grow light on the market it is hard to beat the kind of quality you get for the price.

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TaoTronics 240W LED Grow Light Product Overview

The TaoTronics comes with 12 LED grow lights. 9 of which are red and the remainder are blue. As we have said before color is very important to the growth of plants especially if you want strong and healthy plants. The increased amount of Red and Blue light instead of the white light that most cheap LED lights emit will make a noticeable difference if you have never tried them.

This unit also emits very little energy allowing you to save money on electricity. The electricity savings are twofold as the TaoTronics 240W LED Grow Light also produces very little unnecessary heat so you do not have to worry as much about keeping your grow tent or room cooler. There are also 3 built in fans that help keep the unit cool while in use.

This grow light also emits light at wavelengths that are actually absorbed by plants photosynthesis. Cheaper LEDs send out random wavelengths that do little to help the plant grow. Adding this LED grow lamp to your existing setup should result in immediate health benefits. We noticed more leaves and healthy stalks within 3-5 weeks.

The size of the TaoTronics 240W LED Grow Light unit is perfect for cloning or super small setups as it small and easy to setup. No need to crawl or alter your space. Taotronics claims the light should last around 50,000 hours. How they know that or if anyone actually uses their lights for that long let us know if they are still working!

Pros of the TaoTronics 240W LED Grow Light:

Price – seem to be very reasonable for the quality of the product especially when compared to competitors.

Size – compact and easy to setup. No need for a huge room or grow tent. Many users can put this in a regular desk lamp if you are just growing one plant and have the ability to control the height of the lamp.

Quality Light – 9 Red and 3 Blue LED lights that emit the proper wavelengths for optimal photosynthesis conditions.

Cons of the TaoTronics 240W LED Grow Light:

Amount of light – You may need more than one unit to cover your area if it is larger than one plant. With the relative low cost you can simply buy 2.
Angle Control – The unit is preconfigured at a set angle. If your lamp does not bend it may be hard to angle it properly.

Bottom line: We think the TaoTronics 240W LED Grow Light is a top LED grow light for the price!

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