Tom’s Tumble Trimmer Review

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer is one of our top picks for the best bud trimmer. It is a bladeless tumble trimmer that does 85% of the trimming for you. While this means you will have to do some hand trimming after each batch, more of the trichrome will remain intact giving you better results.

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Tom’s Tumble Trimmer Specs:

  • Height: 42.5 IN
  • Width:  23.5IN
  • Length: 26.5 IN
  • Weight: 22 LBS
  • AC Voltage:  120 V
  • Application: Dry trim
  • LBS/HR: 12 LBS
  • Warranty: 1 year

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer Overview

How it works: The weight of the buds brushing against the mesh netting and tumbling over each other gently breaks of the trim to preserve the crystals. You can control the speed of the tumbler to find the setting that works best for your buds.

Mesh nets: For maximum results, start out by using the ½ inch mesh net on the highest speed for 5-10 minutes. Then transfer the trim to the ¼ inch mesh net to trim any smaller buds that might have passed through the mesh. There is also an optional keef net that will isolate the keef from your trim.  You can watch the whole process through the clear mesh bags to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Easy to clean: The nets can be washed in a washing machine and line dried. To keep the zippers from sticking, you can wipe them periodically with beeswax, Pam cooking spray or weed wipes like CAN A Wipes

Pros of Tom’s Tumble Trimmer

  • Tom is always listening to user feedback to improve his trimmers. He upgraded the zipper because some user reported the zipper getting stuck together from resin buildup.  
  • The bladeless tumbler system trims 85% and keep more of the trichomes intact.

Cons of Tom’s Tumbler Trimmer

  • You will have to hand trim after each batch, but it will drastically cut down production time.
  • It only comes with a 1 year warranty, but the machine is easy to clean and maintain.

Conclusion for Tom’s Tumble Trimmer

Tom’s Tumbler Trimmer can trim up to 12 pound per hour all while preserving the crystals on your buds. So it’s worth a little bit of hand trimming, to get high quality results. You can check more bud trimmer reviews in our guide Top 10 Bud Trimmer Machines

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