The Top 10 Bud Trimmer Machines

Finally, your buds are ready to harvest! After 3 months, you are probably pretty eager to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you are only trimming a few buds at a time, a nice pair of garden shears will do the job. However, it can be tedious work. To speed of the process, you can find a bud trimmer that works for your harvest size. From hobbyist to full scale farm here are the top bud trimmer machines to fit your trimming needs:

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer

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Pros: Tom’s Tumble Trimmer is a bladeless dry tumble trimming machine that can trim 1 pound of buds in about 5 minutes. The tumbling action against the mesh material trims your buds with minimal damage to the crystals. It comes with a 1/2″ and a 1/4″ mesh net and a funnel catch bag.

Cons: It only trims about 85-90% of the bud so you will have to do some touch up hand trimming.

EZ Trim Wander Trimmer

Pros: The EZ Trim Wander Trimmer saves 60-80% of the time over hand trimming. It is easy to clean and reassemble in minutes. It connects to dry or wet vacuums and produces hand trim scissor quality results.

Cons: The cutting blades and tube tend to gunk up easily. Spraying an organic cleaner like Simple Green will remove any built up residue. The blades will dull have some use, but you can keep the blades from dulling with a sharpener like Zenport Multi-Sharpener. 

Centurion Pro Mini Leaf Trimmer

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Pros: The Centurion Pro Mini is an industrial sized trimmer that replaces the work of 15+ workers. The quantanium tumbler is nonstick to prevent resin from sticking to it and the entire unit can be pressure washed for easy cleanup.

Cons: Can be used for wet and dry trimming, but you will need to buy the dry tumbler separately or you can choose this unit that comes with a dry tumbler instead. It looks like they recently changed from a 5 warranty to a 3 year warranty on defective parts.

Twister T4 Trimmer

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Pros: The Twister T4 Trimmer is very well constructed and easy to clean. It produces hand quality results in less time with less effort. It comes with a full 3 year warranty and the option to get a 2 year extended warranty plus free technical support 12 hours a day, 7 days a week .

Cons: Like Centurion Pro Mini, you will have to buy a separate tumbler or unit if you want to dry trim. It is a little noisy though and turns the trim into mulch which makes it better suited for composite than hash.

The Triminator DRY Trimming Machine

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Pros: Besides having an awesome name, The Triminator Dry Trimming Machine is time saving robot that would make even Arnold Schwarzenegger proud of its speed and hand trimming quality results. It’s proprietary cutting composites remove the need for lubricants that can coat your buds. Another great feature is the automated timer frees you up to work on other projects and just check it when it’s done. They also make The Triminator Mini for smaller jobs and The Triminator Industrial Wet Trimmer that is 90 times faster than hand trimming and has a patent pending self cleaning system so you don’t have manually clean the drum.

Cons: The Industrial trimmer is the only wet trimmer size they offer.

The Clean Cut Bowl Leaf Trimmer

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Pros: The Clean Cut Bowl Leaf Trimmer does the work of 20 scissors saving you time and money. The clear plastic lid allows you to see what’s happening in the bowl. It also comes with two blades so you can adjust for a longer or shorter cut. You can clean the unit with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue or odors.

Cons: To help keep the blades from jamming up, alternate between cracking slowly clockwise and counterclockwise. It’s only recommended for wet trimming, but you can get pretty good results dry trimming with the serrated blade.

iPower Leaf Bowl Trimmer

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Pros: The iPower Leaf Bowl Trimmer does the work of 30 scissors all at once. It comes with a wire blade for dry trimming and 2 straight blades for wet trimming. The handle and grille can easily be removed for easy clean up and storage. For even faster trimming, you can remove the handle and use an electric drill so you don’t have to manually spin it.

Cons: For best results, sort your buds out by size so each batch will achieve similar trim results. You will most likely need to hand trim the buds, but it will get most of the big pieces off. So you will only need to do a little touch up work. Also after a lot of use the plastic top becomes a little cloudy so it is hard to see thorogh.

Etemproof Trimmer Machine Open Top Hydroponic Bowl

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Pros: The Etemproof Trimmer Machine is an industrial grade trimmer with a ceramic coated body and silicone fingers for easy cleanup and odor control. The blades are adjustable so you can get a precise cut.

Cons: It doesn’t come with plastic top like a bowl trimmer, but this might actually save you time since you don’t have to keep taking the lid on and off.

TRIM-DADDY Scissor Trimmers

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Pros. The TRIM-DADDY Scissor Trimmer is a light weight hand held electric trimmer that allow you to achieve the accuracy of hand trimming without the hand cramps. The blade can easily be cleaned by dipping them in rubbing alcohol when the machine is running, allowing you to get right back to work. It has 2 speeds so you can find the one that works best for you.

Cons: You can’t sharpen the blades yourself do to their shape, so you will have to replace them if they start to dull. However, they are made of high carbon stainless steel so they are dull resistant.

CO-Z Professional Automatic Bud Trimmer

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Pros: The CO-Z Professional Automatic Bud Trimmer quickly trims and fluffs your buds before dropping them into the convenient collecting bag underneath. It has 3 speed settings and the machine can tilt 180 degrees for easy cleaning.

Cons: It’s not an industrial grade machine but for a budget automatic bud trimmer, it will save you a lot of time and energy.

Now that you’ve done some research on what bud trimmer is right for you, here are some tips to help you get started.

Wet or Dry Trimming: Which is better?

Which one is better usually comes down to personal preference and what your trimming machine is equipped to handle. Wet Trimming can get messy if you are hand trimming, but wet trimming machines are generally thought to produce higher quality results. Dry trimming also has its advantages. With dry trimming you won’t have to rush to trim all your buds right after harvest. Drying the bud also allow for more time for the flavor profiles to develop and it’s easier to knock the heads off of dry buds.

Whichever trimming method you choose, you are still going to have to dry out your buds at some point. You can hang them to dry on a clothesline. Or lay them out flat on a cookie sheet or mesh drying rack.

Trimming Tips

Even if you are using a trimming machine you will still want to get a few sharp pairs of trimming shears like this one from GreenThumbPro for any touch up work. You should also always wear disposal gloves when handling the buds, to protect the buds and keep your hands from getting sticky from the resin.

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