TrimPro Rotor Med Review

The TrimPro Rotor Med is made with medical grade components and meant for serious growers with a lot of bud to trim. If you are growing for medical dispensaries this would be the perfect choice. 

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It can process a ton of bud quickly and still simple enough to use that a intern or trainee can operate it. If you are looking for the best bud trimmer for home use you may need to look elsewhere. Cleanup is easy and there is no need for a vacuum.  While it is still best to wear protective eye wear the TrimPro Rotor Med comes with protective plexi-glass and a mesh style collection bag.

We found the unit to be easy to put together but it did take up quite a bit of space in our grow room. Again the TrimPro is meant for almost industrial use so having space won’t really be a problem for the target market.

TrimPro Rotor Med Specs:

Size – Large! It took up a good third of our grow room. 

Weight – 30 pounds all in.

Setup – Easy to put together and clear instructions. Probably around 30 minutes or so. 

The Pros:

High volume

Medical grade components

The Cons:

Expensive! While it does handle a good amount of volume you really need to churn it out to see a profit or return on investment.

Bottomline: The TrimPro Rotor Med is a great option for a high capacity grower but might be overkill for the average grower.

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