Twister T4 Trimmer Review

If you are looking for a bud trimming to machine to replace a team of bud trimmers, then the Twister T4 Trimmer is a good option for you. It is thoughtfully designed and made with high quality materials to produce quality trims without damaging your buds in a fraction of the time compared to hand trimming. 

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Twister T4 Trimmer Specs:

  • Height: 16.5 IN
  • Width: 15 IN
  • Length: 25 IN
  • Weight 58 LBS
  • AC Voltage: 115 V
  • Application: Wet Trim (Dry Option)
  • LBS/HR: Up to 4-6
  • Warranty: 3 years + optional 2 year extended

Twister T4 Trimmer Overview:

SoftTumble™ Technology: The Twister T4 Trimmer uses a small tumbler with polished stainless steel to form a non-stick surface. This setup produces minimal damage your buds because they have a short tumble distance and less wall crawl.

Nonstop Trimming: The Twister T4 Trimmer is designed for continuous run time and minimal handling. It produces fast, high quality results in less time. Instead of tumbling for 20 minutes, the Twister T4 gets the job done in 30 seconds.

Expandable: You can easily increase your product level and performance by connecting Twisters. You can connect up to 4 Twister T4 Trimmers together.

Maintenance: The recommended maintenance is to clean the impeller housing and the filter bag frequently. The whole unit can be easily disassembled and reassembled with any extra tools. This allows you to thoroughly clean the unit by spray it with a natural de-greaser and wiping it down or power washing it.

Warranty: The Twister T4 Trimmer comes with an ironclad 3 year warranty and an optional 2 year extended warranty which is one of the best warranty packages we’ve seen for bud trimmer. Plus you have access to live technical support 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Conclusion for Twister T4 Trimmer

The Twister T4 Trimmer is a great bud trimming unit that comes with the option of a wet or dry tumbler. This is a nice feature that lets you can decide which works best for you without having to buy a whole new bud trimmer if you want to switch. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t not come with both tumblers. You will have to buy the other tumbler separately.

Like The Triminator Dry Trimming Machine, Twister Trimmers come in different sizes to fit your trimming needs. If you are looking for a smaller unit, you can check out the Twister T6 Trimmer. For a larger harvest, the Twister T2 Trimmer can trim an impressive 12 pounds per hour. Also remember you can connect your Twister T4 Trimmer to other T4 is you need to expand in the future. Want to compare the Twister T4 Trimmer to other bud trimmers? Check out our Top Bud Trimmer Machines

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